Creative Process 

How we do what we do 

Our process is flexible and adapts to your specific needs as a business. At different stages of your specific process with Intrigue Headquarters, you’ll meet with different team member at different times. Developers, designers, copywriters and the company founders will all play their part in your creative, web or marketing project with IHQ.


We start out with an introductory assessment of your brand’s needs and a beverage or meal of your liking. You’ll meet with our Business Strategist to define your goals, challenges and current situation. At the end of your strategy meeting, you’ll have a list of “things to consider” and your Business Strategist will get started on a creative plan based on your marketing needs that you’ll review before deciding that you’re ready to set sail towards the galaxy with us.



Once your strategy is approved, we create an outline of your entire project and provide wire-frames. Our Senior Designer is heavily involved during this part of the process to ensure your voice and tone and brand standards are deeply rooted in every part of your marketing strategy, from the get go. This process requires reviews, feedback and approvals from your team to ensure that every design is agreed upon and understood before moving into the next phase of the project. Once you’re in love with your design, we get to work and make your vision come to life.


Bringing your design to life can’t happen without words, graphics and other content pieces. As the design progresses, you’ll work with our Content Strategist to pull previous content, allocate content assets, optimize keywords and implement SEO best practices. Whether you need us to completely create new content and copy for your web or creative strategy or you need us to bring your current content and copy up-to-par, we’re equipped with the brainpower to make your content rule the universe.


Now we’re getting down to business. We have established your buyer personas and your brand standards and have created something beautiful that just needs its lightswitch flipped. It sounds simple but this part of the process can be the hardest part. Our genius developers begin to build based on the blueprints and wireframes the Business and Content Strategist have provided. Our entire team works to add each missing puzzle piece to ensure the content, copy and design elements seamlessly fall into place thus, creating your marketing masterpiece.

Lift Off

After much testing, review and quality control, we go live with your marketing strategy. Whether launching a website or providing a creative advertising campaign, we send your project into the world and carefully track the ruckus it creates. The more ruckus, the more success we know the project will bring for your business and brand.

Ground Control

We came, we launched and now we must review. After 30-90 days, you’ll meet with your Business Strategist and our Marketing Director to review the success of the project and talk about the future. Where can we go from here? How in the world did you all do that? Can we refer our friends to you? No question is off limit.

Now you know our process